Brenda Lee Rison

Artist: Bre

Mediums: Acrylic, Charcoal & Photography


     Brenda Lee Rison also known as Bre was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. Moving around often Bre spent most of her childhood in Franklin, New Hampshire. In 1999, Rhode Island became Bres permanent home. Her whole life she  has learned, created, practiced and pursued The Arts. Just as her four children create beautiful pieces of her soul, Art does as well. Passionate for; photography, Acrylic painting, charcoal, writing/literature, music, dance, gardening, design, cooking/baking, mindful yoga. Exploring in The Arts throughout her life, has held her together to overcome the different adversities she has faced. 


      While attending The MET,  Bres' internship with Nina Memi at AS220 sealed her path. Nina taught Bre not only line, shape, space, value, form, texture and color in an array of mediums. She Taught her how to teach others, create murals & an art education curriculum, use Art to express herself and to become an independent Artist who always believes in herself. Graduating with acceptances into great colleges such as RISD, RIC, Anna Maria, CCRI to name a couple. Bre was awarded Grants for Art Education. Bre was a young emancipated single  mother and decided to start out at CCRI. After 3 semesters in, she changed her major to Law Enforcement, while still taking some art classes. Currently Bre is a College Unbound Student seeking her Bachelor's Degree Majoring in Organizational Leadership and Communication. 


     Bres children and husband motivate and inspire her, in her life and in her Art. During October 2018 Bre started her own traveling Art Instructing/Studio business. “A Higher Art Experience” Hosting paint events at Stevie D’s Riverside Tavern and The Burrito Bowl and House Parties/ One on One. Over the past Summer, Bre Created a Mural located on the East Side for Minerva’s Pizza. In September Bre, her husband Tim and owner of The Burrito Bowl partnered up and opened Fork ‘N ‘ Sammich (Sandwich shop).


     Bres current work is focusing on Mindfulness, Abstract, Expressionism, Impressionism, Surrealism while exploration with other styles and techniques. Bre is currently working on her project to integrate The Arts and visual learning into the RI education curriculum to help twice and third exceptional children. Upcoming: Bres Art will take part in New Hope Art Gallery. 

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